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Opex Building Services Terms & Conditions

This web site is owned and operated by Opex Building Services Ltd. By using this web site, you accept these terms of use. If you do not accept the terms of use, you must not stay connected to this website.

As a concerned user of this website; you should always consult these terms of use at regular basis to make ensure you are aware of the responsibilities accessing this content.

Continued use of Opex Building Services website after updates are made public means that you do agree to be legally bound by the new content of Opex Building Services terms.

All realised projects are fully certified by Opex Building Services; all the used material is fully certified of the highest quality.

All alteration to the projects may occur within the construction period or fixed period designated by Opex Building Services, any required changes after the fixed period will be charged according.

Opex Building Services is not responsible for any damages done to the finished product. Once the project has been finished and found fully complying with initial terms, it is up to the other part to take responsibility for any changes.

All material linked to a project are fully tested and certified; in case of material switch made by customer Opex Building Services is not liable for any faults.

If you have any question related to the terms above or if you would like further clarifications do not hesitate to contact us here: info@opexbuilding.com. We will make it our priority to contact you ASAP and get your questions answered.

Opex Building Services is the legal owner of the all content of the website. Abuse of the terms of use or breach of the above guidelines may result in action being taken against the related party.

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